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User’s agreement on privacy agreement

1. Purpose of personal information collection and usage

Sam Jung ENC uses the collected personal information for the following purposes;

    (1) delivery of notice, secure communication channel for complaint processing, etc., and provide after sales services
    (2) marketing and advertisement
  • New service development, service provision and advertisement exposure by demography, understand access frequency, statistics on the user’s service usages, advertisement information delivery such as events.

2. Items of personal information to be collected and collection methods

Sam Jung ENC prioritizes the privacy of users and complies with the regulation on the privacy in “Act on facilitation of information network system usages, etc.” and “the guideline of privacy” enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Sam Jung ENC informs users how personal information provided by user is used and how the company prepares to protect personal information.

    (1) Collected items when using service: name, phone number, and e-mail address
    (2) Collection methods: collect member’s information through the homepage, and collect logs automatically by log analysis program

3. Term to secure and use the collected personal information

Term to secure the personal information collected from the website is until the completion of service usage purposes. Also, in case of securing termination, the company shall discard the user’s personal information by unrecoverable way. (In case that the personal information is provided to the third party, the company shall order the third party to discard the information.)
However, for the following cases, personal information shall be held until the described terms by each.

    (1) If the personal information should be preserved according to the regulations such as commercial law, etc., trading details and minimum basic information shall be held for the determined terms by law.
    (2) The term should be pre-noticed to the user, and the information shall be held for committed possession period if the term is not expired and if the individual user’s consent is received.
  • Records on contract, withdrawal of contract, etc.: 5 years
  • Records on payment and goods supply: 5 years
  • Records on consumer’s complaints: 3 years
  • Records on handling disputes: 10 years
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