H2 CHILLER for Mobile
Hydrogen Charging Station

The mobile explosion-proof H2 CHILLER
(Zon3 1,2 EX d IIB+H2) is a product of technology that
requires efficient operation and the highest level of safety.

The mobile explosion proof H2 CHILLER is a specialized next-generation
hydrogen gas charger with explosion proof rating, space optimization
design, high efficiency performance and durability design that
can withstand vibration stress.

H2 CHILLER for Mobile Hydrogen Charging Station

H2 Environmental safety of hydrogen chiller

Installation cases

Interview video

System for emergency rescue service

To prevent delay of charging vehicles and customer’s complaints in advance in case of failure of speed chiller in the hydrogen station, Sam Jung ENC operates the performance test continuously and keeps the principles to handle the initial actions timely and urgently just in case service is requested.

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